White Island

White Island

Active volcano walking tour

Fly to, land on and explore New Zealand’s only permanently active Marine Volcano White Island.

White island/ Mount Tarawera

Dual Volcano Landing

Experience the thrill of combining our two signature helicopter tours landing on both Mount Tarawera and White Island.

White Island helicopter
helicopter Mount Tarawera

Mount Tarawera

Volcanic landing and walking tour

Fly to the site of the largest eruption in New Zealand’s living memory. Landing on Mount Tarawera offers a privileged view of spectacular craters and domes formed by the massive 1886 eruption.

Volcanic Adventure

Mount tarawera | Wai-o-tapu | Tarawera falls

Combine landing on Mount Tarawera with spectacular aerial views of our stunning crater lakes the renowned Tarawera falls and the vibrant Waimangu and Waiotapu Geothermal reserves.

Rotorua crater lakes

Crater Lakes

Beyond the crater rim

These stunning crater lakes are surrounded by native forests and pastoral lands, hidden from the city by our volcanic terrain only an aerial perspective reveals the true beauty of this region.

Fly / Drive Combo

Mount tarawera walking tour

Combines the experience of a Helicopter landing on Mount Tarawera with a 4WD and hiking experience by Kaitiaki Adventures.

Mount Tarawera